Cecilie Bardenfleth Staude

Full Stack Web Developer

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Cecilie Bardenfleth Staude


Having started coding at the age of 13, I have a total of 18 years of web development experience to draw from, ten of which are in a professional context. During my career, I have been in charge of everything from initial design and mockups to middle layer, SQL queries and maintaining Linux servers, using my skills and knowledge in design, usability, documentation and - of course - programming.

Other than the general maintenance and continuous optimisation of websites, I have been a part of conceptualisation teams, been the sole developer on multiple projects, heavily involved in the design decisions behind the even more projects, and been in charge of a complete redesign of an old employer's customer interface, making all mockups, design decisions and graphics from initial design to finished implementation.

I enjoy working in teams, and have experience with both leading, following and mentoring other developers, as well as being a translator of sorts between the programmers and the non-technical project managers.

On a daily basis, I use the following:

From time to time I’ve also had the pleasure of working with: